VSS: Virtual Urbanities

Workshop | Institute for Advanced Architecture Catalunya | Barcelona | 2017 | with Pablo Dornhege
I thank the IAAC Barcelona and especially the director of the Urban Sciences Lab Willy Müller for inviting me and giving me the oppurtunity to hold a workshop in their faculty.

I had a great time working with the students of the MAA & MaCT* program and we achieved a lot – especially for the short time we had at our hands! (*Master in Advanced Architecture & Master in City and Technology)

Contents of the two day workshop where:

  • Introduction into Cinema4D as a tool for architectural visualization
  • Rendering of 360 degree stills and animations in Cinema4D
  • Introduction into Unity3d and import of architectural models
  • Usage of Unity3D in combination with VR to review proportions and design of urban concepts and architecture