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Audi: Enter Sandbox

Audi Sandbox is an in-store installation that lets you test-drive the new Audi Q5 in VR on a self-made track made out of sand.

Virtual Reality Trip nach Davos Klosters

Passantinnen und Passanten der Europaallee in Zürich konnten die wundervolle Bergwelt von Davos Klosters mittels Virtual Reality erleben. Dabei nahmen sie in einem echten Sessellift Platz und wurden per Virtual Reality-Brille aus dem bewölkten Zürich in das sonnige Davos Klosters geführt.

The reality theatre

The Reality Theatre: Shopping in the Ludic Century Allison Crank on the future of shopping in her Masters Thesis project, from June 2015: The thesis was both a research project which led into a design proposal. She researched the evolution of shopping, urbanism and architecture