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"VR all in this together" (2018), 48 Stunden Neukölln, (c) Bianca Kennedy

English: Parallel Worlds – Virtual Reality in Art and Museum

Pre-Release from the magazine: POSTREF PREREF, 2018/2019 – A publication of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Dortmund, Design College, in Cooperation with DASA.  „Crossmedia and the future of Scenography“. Lead by: Prof. Lars Harmsen and Dipl. Ing., M.A. Alesa Mustar. Released: January 2019

Turn your 360° photo into a 3D environment

Imverse SA presents LiveMaker, a software to make realistic 3D/VR content starting from an individual photo. Make photorealistic scenes for your immersive entertainment experience, interactive media, film previz, game or for cultural heritage, digital galleries, education, simulation training, real estate, architecture, virtual renovation design and

Google Arts & Culture VR

Visit your favourite museums in Street View and read more about the artworks around you via the latest Google Arts & Culture annotations in Google Maps.