Marina Abramović & Jeff Koons front new online VR gallery

Anna Cafolla on  |
“The leading contemporary artists join Olafur Eliasson to delve into issues of climate change, nature and the affirmation of self in a virtual world.”

“Welcome to the world’s first VR arts platform, producing and distributing contemporary art at the cutting edge of virtual reality and interactive technology. Premiering with three of the world’s leading contemporary artists; Jeff Koons, Olafur Eliasson, and Marina Abramovic, Acute Art’s mission is to explore and enable the transition from art in the physical world into the new, disruptive realm of VR.
Acute Art is the world’s first Virtual Reality arts platform, a gallery without walls that lets you experience the cutting edge of interactive art anywhere in the world.”

(Acute Art launches globally Autumn 2017)