Digital Art Spaces (non-VR): Panther Modern & Bubsy3D

This post will be  listing some non-VR digital museums and art spaces.
– to be continued –

Panther Modern
Panther Modern is a file-based exhibition space, encouraging artists to create site-specific installations for the internet. Each project shown at Panther is given a unique structure in the format of a 3D model file, which built to engage the artist and their process of making. Given the variety of methods available to produce works in virtual space, the artist is able to choose the format in which they will share their installations. Completed rooms are added to the existing architecture, allowing the shape of Panther Modern to change with each project.
Curated by LaTurbo Avedon

Why Isn’t Panther Modern in Virtual Reality?

Gepostet von LaTurbo Avedon am Mittwoch, 20. Januar 2016

Bubsy visits the James Turrell Retrospective
This site/game is no longer working – but here is a video:
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