XV. Conference Culture and Computer Science / Mixed Reality

Conference | HTW Berlin | Bodemusem | 2017 | https://inka.htw-berlin.de/kui/17/?lang=enXV. Conference Culture and Computer Science

“The 15th edition of the ”Culture and Computer Science“ conference series focuses on best practice examples, challenges and future trends of mixed reality as a strategy to bring the world of data and information and the world of objects and things into even closer contact. Combining digital and analogue techniques of modelling, collecting, mediating, exhibiting, and teaching is one of the most challenging tasks of today‘s cultural and creative industries.”

XV. Conference Culture and Computer Science
May 18-19, 2017 Bode-Museum, Berlin DE

Felix Brennecke and I will present our little MR/VR experiment on that conference and we are Looking forward to two inspiring days!