Fisheye Magazine’s special issue on virtual reality

The latest special issue of the french magazine Fisheye , is dedicated to virtual reality. 100 pages of immersion into the exuberant worlds of contemporary artists. A complete overview of this futuristic art.

For six years now, virtual reality has broadened art’s horizons. A small revolution which could be compared to the birth of the Internet, in the 1990s. Virtual reality (VR) artists shatter everything we know about art. “The groundwork, the experimentations are particularly fascinating”, Fabien, creator of Fabbula and editor in chief of this special issue, tells us. “We are witnessing the creation of a language and its grammar”. Even though VR is booming, it must develop slowly. “It could be dangerous to establish ground rules that might shrink down the possibilities”, Fabien adds. The artists’ only obstacle are then their imagination, a boundless field of experimentation, leading to marvellous creations. Across 100 pages, Fisheye offer a sample of this creativity, while the artists introduced in the issue – now amateurs – perfect their aesthetics.

The issue features:

Artists & Collectives : Alpha_rats, Rosa Menkman, Morehshin Allahyari, Jon Rafman, Samuel Walker, DiMoDA, Theo Triantafyllidis, Olivier Perriquet, Dimitri Daniloff, Mélanie Courtinat, Julia Spiers, Ferdinand Dervieux, Andy Cooper, Chris Milk, Neho, Unicorn, Marshmallow Laser Feast,, Julio & Juan Le Parc, Julien Creuzet, Presstube, Hayoun Kwon, Miyö Van Stenis

Scenes : New York with Kelani Nichole, Berlin with Tina Sauerländer & Philipp Hausmeier, Banz & Bowinkel, Swan Collective, Bianca Kennedy, Wolf Lieser, Dakar with Selly Raby Kane

A playlist with the best of VR artworks accessible online, conversations with artists on using game engines, photogrammetry and hand gestures to create VR artworks, as well as training, reading and thinking bibliographies

Giving the floor to artists
Through Fabbula, those last few years, Fabien has developed an observatory of immersive creations. The works presented in this special issue are poignant, thoughtful creations. “I chose those artists for their radicalness, the freedom of their speeches, the nature of their intentions”, Fabien tells us. “The idea was to help those creations of reality exist, those which create new ways of seeing”. Among the selection is the digital creation of Morehshin Allahyari, an Iranian artiste who has lived in New York for ten years. Inspired by oriental mythologies, Morehshin imagined the story of a threatening and strong Goddess. An entity with terrible powers and great knowledge – a wisdom frightening people. Humanity then built a wall to protect themselves from its curse. Hidden inside the myth, the themes of immigration, borders, and the fear of others resurface. A VR creations with multiple interpretations.

In this special issue, Fisheye presents a wide range of unique creations, the result of an ever increasing enthusiasm. “The medium is particularly popular in the United States, in Germany and in France”, Fabien adds. A digital art close to photography. “Photogrammetry – a technique enabling the passage from a photographed place to a digital image recreated from this place – is remarkably close to what photographers can do”. A true revolution in the landscape of contemporary creation.